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A Selection Of Motorcycle Touring Questions Collected Together For You

  • Can we meet the tour guides before the tour?
    Of course! We would love to meet you, too. We live on the Welsh border and regularly ride the beautiful roads of The Forest of Dean, The Cotswolds and Wiltshire. We do not charge for these random trips out, we understand you need to be comfortable with your hosts and, honestly, it's an excuse to ride!!
  • Do I have to camp?
    No. Some of our tours use hotel accommodation. On the camping tours, there are often campsites that provide lodges or cabins, of which you are welcome to take advantage, or you can stay in a local hotel. However, any alternative accommodation costs won't be included in the tour.
  • What camping gear essentials do I need to bring?
    Tent, sleeping bag, sleeping mat/bed roll, pillow.
  • Will there be food at the campsites?
    Absolutely! Every campsite we visit will have an onsite café, bar and/or restaurant, or certainly very close-by.
  • Do I have to ride with a guide?
    Not at all, you are free to choose. We will provide you with a road book and GPX files before the trip. You can decide on the day if you want to ride on your own or stay with the guide. You can change your mind at any time.
  • Do I need to bring my own camping gear?
    You carry your camping gear on your bike. We hire out tent, mattress, sleeping bag and pillows, if you don't have your own. Simply add to basket on the bookings page.
  • Can I stop when I want to?
    Of course! We will have morning pre-ride briefs, explaining our route and next meeting point. You can stop for any reason and at any time and meet us further down the road. We always wear headsets, if you break down or need assistance, just call.
  • I don't want to use the ferry from Plymouth, can I go a different way?
    Absolutely, you're welcome to meet us along the route.
  • Do I need to speak Spanish?
    Not at all! Natalie and Oly both speak Spanish.
  • How many bikes do you ride with?
    Generally, 5 bikes to a guide, occasionally 6.
  • What is the minimum cc bike that I can bring?
    Any. But if you can't keep pace with the general group, we can provide route files, allowing you to self-navigate, meeting points and general support/back-up, should you need it.
  • How often do we stop?
    This can depend on the route and the general group, but we usually try to stop hourly. You will probably find that you see so many beautiful views, you'll stop as frequently as you need.
  • How much riding experience do I need to have?
    An adequate level of competency for the weight, size and capacity of the motorcycle you are riding is necessary. Often our guests find that they become more confident and develop more expertise throughout the tour and we are on hand, and very willing, to help with any advice. No-one will judge you.
  • Do you have a recommended kit list?
    We can absolutely provide you with a list on request.
  • What happens if I break down?
    Oly is an excellent mechanic, but should the very rare occasion happen where he cannot help, we hope that you have taken note of our recommendation of having European breakdown cover, which actually isn't that pricey.
  • Do you go off-road?
    No, not generally. There are some sections with optional off-road tracks, but there is always a guided, paved alternative.
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