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The Devil's Breath Tour

beautiful sky on a motorcycle tour in Spain
Mapof motorcycle tour route Spain
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20 Days. An epic 18 days of riding and camping. 2,700 miles

16 National Parks and Nature Reserves, the Picos, Asturia Mountains, Serra da Estrela in Portugal, the infamous Alto Velefique and the Pyrenees.

Tour Highlights

Sunday May 4th - Friday May 23rd  2025

Day 1 and 2


We use a very convenient ferry departure from Plymouth, which leaves in the afternoon. This allows for a leisurely ride down over the weekend from wherever you are in the country.

The modern ferry boasts live music, quizzes, choice of dining, seasonal swimming pool, cinema and whale watching. 

Monday: Santander to Potes. 75 mile ride. Welcome to Spain!

Stunning roads, twists and turns, along the Hermida Gorge, arriving at our campsite in our treasured spot at the edge of Potes town.

Day 5 and 6

Thursday:This is Portugal and its' spectacular roads full on! Heading south we aim for the Douro National Park.

Following the route of the Douro river we encounter more bends, twists and turns than you will be able to count!

Friday: Heading straight for Serra da Estrela Natural Park, we start the day riding Portugal's highest mountain. 6,500 feet, centrally located in Portugal

Day  9 and 10

Monday: Exquisite roads. We ride around the National Park of  Sierra de las Nieves, Yunquera, El Burgo and Ronda!

Then along the coast to Mijas, where we stop to explore

and ride through the centre of this iconic white-washed Spanish village. 

Tuesday: Rest Day. Options include: staying at camp where you can swim and drink Sangria! Or, half day ride into the mountains to explore dirt tracks and riverbeds (guided). Other, (unguided) options include the beach, re-ride the Ronda road (it's never the same twice!), visit Malaga city...the choice is yours.

Day 13 and 14

Friday: We head north, and keep heading north! Transit day, covering approximately 200 miles, but on wide open roads. A swifter pace today than we have experienced through the mountains, but it won't take any longer than any other day.

With ever-changing scenery, sit back in the saddle and enjoy the ride.

Saturday: We are now entering into Catalonia. The language alters here, along with the scenery and architecture. 

We need a good rest tonight, for tomorrow we are exploring the Pyrenees!

Day 17 and 18

Tuesday: We should have a spectacular backdrop today. The entire mountain range of the Pyrenees will sweep to your right as far as you can see. I guarantee that it will stay with you forever. 

We are covering an easy 150 miles today, enjoying the wonderful fresh air in this timeless region of Spain.

Wednesday: Staying in the mountains for as long as we can until eventually we have to peel off and head towards Pamplona, leaving the Mountains behind us.

We are making our way to our final camp site.

Day 3 and 4

Tuesday: Crossing the Picos and visiting the well known deer statue, we continue on to Riaño with wondrous lake views and stunning scenery.

Heading west we ride through 6 National Parks/Nature reserves 

Wednesday: Moving camp we cross into Portugal!

Heading south we leave the National Park behind, with architecture and countryside ever developing! We have stunning viewpoints and some scenery that will blow your socks off!

Day 7 and 8

Saturday: After packing up camp we continue south through Portugal. Riding on lovely tarmac, we cross several bridges built over the  Embalse de Chanza.

​Entering Spain in the Huelva district we make camp a little over the border. 

Sunday: We head south east today to reach our camp in Valle del Guadalhorce. Be prepared for olive trees, probably more than you've ever seen! This will be our home for 3 nights.

Day 11 and 12

Wednesday: Hugging the coast we head east with the Mediterranean sea to our right. Eventually our route takes us North, skirting the National Park of Sierra Nevada. We make camp tonight in the foothills of La Alpujarra mountain range.

Thursday: Lots to look forward to today, including the Tabernas Desert, home to many Spaghetti Westerns. We climb to 6,000 feet up the famous Alto Velefique, affectionately known as the 'Spanish Stelvio Pass' and, of course, we are treated to some of the best views, that undoubtedly likely take your breath away.

Day 15 and 16

Sunday: The day starts with lovely smooth, swift roads with big sweeping bends. But, as we near the Pyrenees, they transform into proper twisties, with the infamous N-260 among them!

Mountain campsite tonight. 

Monday: Staying in the mountains, we cover 90 miles on the N-260 alone! Heading west below Andorra, we cross 3 National Parks, making camp on the Aragon/Catalonia border.

Hopefully you started the tour with good tyres! by the end of today we will have covered over 2,300 miles.

Day 19 and 20

Thursday: Packing up camp for the last time we have 100 miles to conclude our tremendous tour and reach the ferry in Santander.

With a mid afternoon departure, we have plenty of time to enjoy our last day of riding in this magnificent country! 

Friday:  Santander to Plymouth.

Arrive in Plymouth and head home :-(

Price Guide


Tour for 2025

20 Days. 18 Days riding

1 Bike, 1 Rider from  £2,150.

Pillion rider from £490



(All our prices include return Ferry costs, shared cabin both ways, all campsite costs, GPX files, PDF road book, 24/7 tour guide support, morning pre-ride brief)

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