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Motorcycle Tour Picos De Europa.




Join us for an unforgettable motorcycle tour through the mountains and

winding roads of Spain and Portugal.

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Book as a group and get a whopping £100 off PER RIDER (not including pillions)
Just think of all the cold beers you'll be able to buy with that! Discount automatically applied at checkout

Embark on a journey through the breathtaking mountains of the Picos, the stunning landscapes of Portugal, and the majestic Pyrenees! Our rides take you from Asturias in the North to Andalucía in the South, and virtually everywhere in between. Join us and make memories to last a lifetime!

tour map of north spain


Los Picos to Santiago de Compostela (Hotels)


Luxury tour, departing from Plymouth, *return ferry, with private cabin and private hotel room, with breakfast, all included* - from £2,145

13 Days 11 Days riding, 1,800 miles

11 National Parks/Nature reserves.

5 base-camp hotels, enabling us to ride without luggage for many days.

Sunday 15th Sept -

Friday 27th Sept 2024

Route map of Spain and the Pryrenees


The Pyrenees and Los Picos (Camping)


1 bike, 1 rider, departing from Plymouth, *return ferry and camping included* - from £1,655

13 Days 11 Days riding 1780 miles

Tour of the Pyrenees, riding through Spain, France and Andorra.

8 National Parks and nature reserves. Mountain camping.

Sunday 16th June -

Friday 28th June 2024

Motorcycle Routes Picos


Los Picos and Northern Spain (Camping)


1 bike, 1 rider, departing from Plymouth, *return ferry and camping included* - from £1,730


13 Days, 11 Days riding, 1,700 miles

Tour the Picos De Europa, Cantabria and the Asturias mountains.

7 National Parks.

We ride luggage free for much of this tour, with 4 base camps!

Sunday 30th June -

Friday 12th July 2024

Route map of Portugal and Spain.


Portugal through Los Picos (Camping)


1 bike, 1 rider, departing from Plymouth, *return ferry and camping included* - from £1,680

13 Days 11 Days riding 1750 miles.

Ride through the Picos, across Northern Spain and down into central Portugal.

11 National Parks, the Asturias Mountains and Serra da Estrela in Portugal, at 6,500 feet!


Sunday 28th April -

Friday 10th May 2024

Motorcycle route Spain
Your Tour, Your Call
(Bespoke Tours)


Run by renowned travel writer and tour guide, Duncan Gough


This tour is by design.

Bespoke routes made with your preferences in mind.

Dates and accommodation to suit you and your preferences

Motorcycle routes Spain
Devil's Breath


1 bike, 1 rider, departing from Plymouth, *return ferry and camping included* - from £2,150

20 Days. An epic 18 days of riding and camping. 2,700 miles​


16 National Parks and Nature Reserves, the Picos, Asturias Mountains, Serra da Estrela in Portugal, the infamous Alto Velefique, the Pyrenees, Andalucía and Valencia.

Sunday 4th May -

Friday 23rd May 2025

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